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May 2019 Chairman’s Column

Chairman's Corner
By: Thomas McCarthy


Wow, what a show that was! Just back at the office trying to unbury myself from what I feel was one of the best conventions that we have had! Okay-okay, I know I am biased because this Convention was my incoming ceremony and I had a lot to look forward to, but I really feel like we had both a great program and attendance. First shocker was how approachable the DCA representatives were. They were there for nearly the whole convention and came to us asking how we could work together to make things better for the consumer by getting rid of the rogues. This is on top of their to-do list and in their first three months of existence helped resolve 28 hostage shipments from bad operators. They want to hear from YOU about any non-permitted carriers so they can start working enforcement. To follow on the heels of the military panel, Chuck White, President of IAM, gave us a presentation about the 800-pound gorilla sitting on top of the elephant in the room (any other euphemisms?) the GHC or the outsourcing of the military program to a single source. Chuck pointed out many things, but one thing that resonated was that even if you do not do any military shipments, this will affect you. The next couple of years with the military promise to be tumultuous and with no guarantee what happens when, not if, this contract is awarded. It seems the military has been planning this for some time and we are two very far steps behind. He encouraged us all to reach out to our representatives to let them know how this will affect all of us.

After we concluded the last session, we had some great weather to relax to by the pool while we prepared for the big closing ceremony. Ayme and I hosted an informal reception in our room and felt so blessed with everyone coming over to give well wishes and take pictures with friends and family. Before I knew it, we were whisked over to the hall to begin the reception line for folks to come through and take their tables. Time just felt like it was flying because before I knew it we were coming in. I was being led out by all the former CMSA Chairmen in attendance. It was an amazing experience. From what I remember, I think I did well on my speech, but it all went by so fast, it’s hard to remember. I am fortunate to be joined with what I am calling the Legacy Executive Committee, which includes CMSA President & former Chairman Steve Weitekamp, Senior Chairman Alan Freese,, whose roots go way back in this industry, Vice Chairman John Chipman Jr.,  whose grandfather was a former Chairman,and Secretary/Treasurer Jesse Chabot, who is following his grandfather’s footprints (I miss you already Jesse). Rounding out the committee is Megan Anderson, daughter of former Chairman Mark Anderson, Carl Freese the younger brother to now Senior Chairman Alan Freese and last, but not least, Shiree Hammer, granddaughter to none other than former CMSA Chairman Joe Hammer Sr.

One of the best parts of going through the chairs and becoming Chairman is getting the opportunity to donate to a charity, to what is called the Chairman’s Choice Charity. This year, with the CMSA Board of Directors support, I have chosen the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network in my mom’s memory as she lost her life to pancreatic cancer. Too often by the time they find out what you have, it’s already too late as was in her case. This year along with the donation from the CMSA, we will be hosting a fundraiser and it is my sincere hope that you will dig deep so we can make a significant donation to help eradicate this disease. More details to follow in my upcoming articles. I leave you with these words from a movie I just saw: Good thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds.


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