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June 2021 Chairman’s Column

Guest Chairman's Corner
By: Former CMSA Chairwoman Jill Longo (2005-2006)


Editor's Note: With CMSA Chairman John Chipman Jr. serving as chair for two years, CMSA has scheduled several guest columnists to replace half of his Chairman's Columns. We thank Chairman Chipman and look forward to his column next month.

Greeting fellow CMSA members ~ I’m baaaaaaack! Well, just for one guest column by a former chair, but I shall enjoy this opportunity to share with you all how our year is going here at Andy’s Transfer. 

First, I’d like to thank our current Chairman John Chipman, Jr. John has selflessly dedicated himself to the CMSA Chair role, and took on a second year of service to our association. Thank you, John!  We are all fortunate to have his consistent leadership, and this extended tenure will benefit all of us.

Second, our tireless leader Steve Weitekamp has continued to lead the CMSA through this challenging time. Kudos to Steve for staging an excellent online convention and keeping us all engaged!

I served as Chair of the CMSA Board of Directors in 2005-06. It was a great honor to represent our company and my family in this role.  As a third generation moving company owner, I’ve experienced the ebbs and flows of this industry my entire life.  I know it has been said quite often over the last year, but truly, nothing could have prepared any of us for what happened in 2020.

This column will be reaching you all in the midst of what will be a very busy June.  We all know that EVERY June is crazy, but for us here at Andy’s, last June was a flop.  We were four months into the dismal pandemic, affected by strict closures for many fellow small businesses, and worried daily about our staff operating safely as essential employees. The phones weren’t ringing, the crews weren’t busy, and by month’s end, a very scary drop over the previous June’s revenues by nearly 60% was apparent.

Scary time.

We had been fortunate to secure a Paycheck Protection Program loan from the SBA in April, but by the end of June, those funds had been paid out in payroll. I worried that everyone, and I mean everyone, was going to shelter in place at home for the coming year (or more!). Would anyone move in a pandemic? I wondered what would come next, and where our next year would take us.

Then came July.  We started hearing from realtor colleagues that listings were starting to grow. General discontent with our state leadership's reaction to the business and personal restrictions were growing. By a wonderful change of fate, our phones started ringing.

Once we hit August, it was apparent ~ consumers were ready and willing to move in a pandemic. Hallelujah!  We started rolling that month and have barely looked back (or had time to!) since.

Now that we are back in June, our traditionally busiest month of the year, it finally looks like the California exodus and low interest rate inspiring the local housing market will truly benefit our businesses as movers and industry suppliers. 

To say I’m thankful and thrilled would be the understatement of the year!  The dark times of 2020 are still such a recent reminder of how vulnerable we all are to governmental trends and public health.  We can never take new business for granted again.

In the months ahead, I’m sure we will attempt to reflect and learn how we can strengthen our businesses. I know my employees have gained resiliency and perspective, as have many of our customers.

But for now, it’s June in the moving business! I’m ready to grab the phones, help type up paperwork, and dispatch a crew. It’s our time to service the moving public and be thankful for what this year has brought our industry.

June 2021 − we are ready for you!


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