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April/May 2023 Chairman’s Column

Chairman's Corner
By: Shiree Hammer


Rancho Mirage is calling your name; the convention is right around the corner. The CMSA office is working hard to put together the finishing touches to ensure we all have a good experience. Thank you, Steve, Renee, and Gale. They have a way of making the convention the perfect balance of information and fun. This convention will mark the end of my term as the CMSA Chair and welcome Jesse Chabot into the position. Congratulations Jesse, and thank you to everyone who served on the board with me this year as well, I appreciate your support.

As I sit back and reflect on my year as the Chair, there is so much to be thankful for. I remember the past chair, Dennis Doody, telling me to be a sponge and soak up as much as possible, especially while touring with Steve. That was great advice, thank you, Dennis. While visiting all 12 chapters was time-consuming and took me away from my normal work and home duties, it was worth the time. There really was so much to absorb. Not only from the chapter meetings but from the many visits to moving companies themselves. Thank you to all the chapter presidents hard at work and to all the companies that hosted me. Every company offered a takeaway and something positive for me to bring back to Cal Relo. It was apparent that each company had a niche and its own unique leadership style. A lot of hard work was put into these companies; with an abundance of history and pride as well.

Perhaps the most rewarding is the relationships established along this journey. Not just during my time as the CMSA Chair, but my time serving with the CMSA leadership in all. The framework the CMSA provides in helping establish these relationships is critical. These interactions go beyond just other movers but supplier partners as well. Whether you are having a rough week and need help from a fellow mover or seek information from a supplier, these relationships all serve their own purpose. My network certainly grew this past year.

The healthier the CMSA membership the more successful our industry can be. With all the different leadership styles and company strengths, there is room for everyone’s ideas and suggestions. Let us not forget about Steve. He is a great leader; as a mover, I want to be part of CMSA because of him. He has a positive leadership style and is always willing to help. He is one with humility and one who certainly commits to always giving 100%. The CMSA board recognizes this and it inspires us to do our best for the association and membership. I highly encourage all members to get involved with CMSA leadership, serve on the board, and even go through the chairs. It is a very rewarding experience.


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