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By Steve Weitekamp
March/April 2019


As we ramp up for our 101st annual California Moving and Storage Association (CMSA) convention I find myself; calling, emailing, and texting members daily asking them to participate in what I know to be an important event at a great value−our upcoming convention. It is very clear that the successes of our Association are based in good part on the success of our Association. Regulators and legislators take our positions seriously because not only are our numbers large, but our membership is active and engaged. There are so many issues being addressed right now it is difficult to understand why someone wouldn’t want to be present to at the very least be informed. Every month I keep a notebook and try to list a thought for the month on the first page. This month my thought is, “The wheels of change can roll slowly, but better to have them rolling down the road in the direction we are pushing then rolling over us.” The strength of the CMSA makes that possible for industry related issues.

An example of this message is our recent engagement with the California Department of General Services (DGS) related to the Standard State Rate Tariff and the Master Service Agreement (MSA) for Office and Industrial moving. DGS is responsible for tariffs, contracts, and audits related to moving of state of California employees and offices. In 2013, CMSA took a group of impacted members to meet with DGS to discuss residential and office moving. The result of our discussions and other interaction with DGS resulted in Standard State Rate 2014, somewhat of a departure from previous tariffs, particularly in its basis, as well as the development of a new MSA. CMSA and its participating members have been satisfied with both documents but have felt for some time that a refresh was in order.

At a recent Bureau of Household Goods and Services (BHGS) Advisory Council meeting, where again thanks to the strength of CMSA I have a seat on the Council, Regina Anderson of DGS introduced herself to me and stated that she and her boss Robert Ullrey were ready to review the programs related to household and office moving. A meeting was planned and after discussion with CMSA Chairman Alan Freese, Former Chairman Brian Larson and I met with DGS staff−Ullrey, Anderson, Tiffany Reyes, and Geoff Brewer. Larson was a great addition to the meeting. While all of us with exception of Anderson were participants in the 2013 meeting, Larson alone is an active participant in both programs. The meeting was extremely valuable for all and the outcome will be a program that continues to serve the state of California, its employees and offices and ensures that only licensed and insured movers are engaged. Stay tuned to CMSA emails for the roll out of the new Standard State Rates and the opportunity to register with the DGS as a service provider.

March/April 2019 - CMSA Communicator

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