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By Steve Weitekamp
January 2019


Happy New Year! I know it sounds redundant to say we have a lot going on in the new year, but that is the reality of our world, country, state, industry, business, and even our personal lives in 2019 and beyond. For this column, I’m going to set down my military moving rucksack and let Chairman Freese share a few comments on that important segment of our industry. But even without the current action and change of the military market, there is much to be accomplished. Although we as an Association were extremely successful to the benefit of our membership in 2018, we cannot let down our guard or slow down in our core value of continual improvement. I would ask you to resolve this year to be more engaged in your Association, it will benefit the moving industry, your company, and yourself.

We have noted more than once the successful transition of Household Moving regulation from the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to the Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) in 2018. The lack of pain and disruption that resulted from this significant change was only made possible by a lot of hard work and in large part by the financial support of our members. California Moving and Storage Association (CMSA) staff worked with our lobbyists, Advocation Inc. and Shaw Yoder Antwih, and CMSA attorney Mark Hegarty to achieve an outcome that serves all parties. There was no one else advocating for movers or shippers.

With all that has been accomplished, we know that there is more to do. We have been working with our member leadership, board and government affairs committee on proposals related to the Maximum Rate Tariff 4 (MAX4) that we plan to address with the DCA staff early this year.

We feel confident that the changes we are proposing will benefit the moving public, regulated movers, and those that oversee the regulation. A healthy regulated industry is better able to provide quality service and operate in a manner that ensures greater safety for all on the public highways. Additionally, any actions that make it more difficult for the underground economy to operate without fear of penalty is beneficial to the taxpayer/citizen of the state in both increased revenue and decreased public services.

Items that we are working on for potential modification include:

    • The development of a MIN-MAX TARIFF
      • Range to include current Maximum (adjusted annually) down to agreed minimum%
      • Procedure Permitting a Household Mover to Deviate from Maximum or Minimum Rate
    • Establishing a far more workable 90 DAY CLAIM FILING PERIOD
    • Addressing the public desire for a MODIFICATION/SIMPLIFICATION OF ITEM 475

If you have additional items for possible review, please give me a call or send an email. Today is the time to register for the 101st Annual CMSA Convention. Visit the convention kiosk on the CMSA Website: https://www.thecmsa.org/html/convention/2019-101st-paradise-point/default.htm or just call our office and be a part of this valuable event.

January 2019 - CMSA Communicator

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