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The Chairman's Corner

By Alan Freese

September 2018

As I sit at my desk writing this, it hits me that we’re past Labor Day and all the buzz of summer is fading into the sunset. Man, it seems like yesterday we were pulling our hair out looking for help, trucks, materials and happy customers.         

Looking back, I hope everybody had the ability to make strides on the right side of the dollar and the heat and craziness didn’t drive you to the nut house. Me, I can’t complain. We just wrapped up the Executive Board Retreat a couple of weeks ago, and I have to tell you it was an epic weekend with some great people.

Friday night, we were able to dine at the world-famous Sardine Factory on Cannery Row, courtesy of Rick Bruns / Victory Packaging; and man, they didn’t disappoint. From the minute we sat down to the minute we left, we were treated like royalty – I can’t explain how cool this evening was, it’s beyond words.

Saturday, we went wine tasting in Carmel Valley courtesy of Champion Risk & Insurance Services/Vanliner Insurance Company and CDS Moving Equipment. Although I’m not a wine guy like Bob Fraser, I was still able to take in and enjoy the surroundings of the tour. Hell, I even had a few pours – some of them pretty damn good. Saturday evening, we went to Sapporo’s Japanese restaurant on the wharf, courtesy of Paul Hanson Partners Specialty Insurance. Again, a great time with great people.

I know to some of you it may seem that all we do is eat and drink, but the truth of it is, you’re pretty close. Growing up in an Italian home, I can tell you that food brings people together and makes for good times. Still today, I always enjoy being with friends and family for meals and time away from work.

If your house is like ours, there’s nothing sacred and just about anything can and does come up during meals. It’s always a good time for me when I’m able to sit down with the people I care about and enjoy their company. (BTW, Jay Casey what happened? No show, no call, no nothing – tickets at will call and everything – hurtful.)

I heard a guy the other day say, “Don’t count the days, make the day’s count.” Man, is that true! Think about it, how many times have you found yourself so wrapped up waiting for an event to happen that you let everything else fall to the wayside, then when it passes, you have a bunch of catching up to do? I know I’m guilty of this all the time, but how do you turn it around? For me, I’ve been telling myself to make it count. I don’t know if it’s working, but I’m trying. Seems as time goes on, it gets easier to push things off and worry about them later. For some it’s no big deal, but for many it can be trouble. Anybody know anybody like that?? Yeah, me neither.

As fall is quickly approaching, we have a lot on our plate. Fall PPF in St. Louis is just a few weeks away, and the IAM convention is the first week in October. Chapter meetings are firing back up and our Cardinale Classic Golf and Bocce Tournament is October 12th at the Hyatt in Monterey if you’re looking for a good excuse to spend a weekend in Monterey.

I’m really looking forward to traveling the state to all the chapters and having a great meal with great people. I’ve heard the stop in Modesto can be challenging, but what the hell, I’m always up for a good time, and I know Jay is a super host despite standing us up at the EBR.

Please don’t forget my Chairman’s Choice Charity, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Here’s the link to donate: https://www.gofundme.com/cmsa-chairmans-choice

In closing, I want to say thanks to all of you that make it happen day in and day out. I hope that all of your summers were great, and you still have hair left. I can’t wait to get to Modesto and take on some street tacos and hot yoga! Cheers, Alan.

September 2018 - CMSA Communicator

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