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The Chairman's Corner

By John Lance
September 2017

With peak season winding down, we often look back at what we did right and what we could have done differently. We are all reactors in this industry, and when Rome is burning that’s exactly what we do. We react without really planning properly. I am guilty of this myself. Sometimes you should slow down, step back, and look at the big picture. Then you will figure out a way to execute properly.

I want to share with you something that has always worked well for NMS Moving Systems. We have an outstanding sales follow-up program. We all absorb the cost of sending our salespeople out to give free estimates. Those estimates might be free to the customer but not the company. I am always amazed when a customer tells me they booked their move with us they never heard back from the other companies that gave them estimates. We were the only one that kept in touch with them. It is important to have a follow-up program and continue to ask for that business. A lot of things change, houses fall out of escrow, etc. and moves get delayed. Keeping in touch with that customer can secure that business at a later date. If you don’t have one, I highly recommend putting one together and monitoring it on a monthly basis. I think you will be surprised at the value in it.
In August, our Executive Board got together in Santa Ynez for our annual Executive Board Retreat. Meetings were held Friday evening and Saturday morning discussing issues that will directly affect our industry soon. I am very proud of the work that is being done by our Executive Committee. The transfer of the Household Good Carriers from CPUC to DCA (Dept. of Consumer Affairs) is a hot topic right now. Saturday after our meeting we went on a wine tour and visited 4 vineyards where we tasted wine and learned how they are made and aged, etc. Now I am not a wine person, so I was excited to do this. It just so happened that my entire executive board is very familiar, should I say, with wine. Bernie and I had an outstanding time. What an education we got! Later that evening we went to dinner and I was told I needed to try a glass of red wine with a nice steak, and I would then enjoy the taste of a fine wine for the first time with a meal. Sorry, but it still did not win me over. Senior Chairman Bob Fraser has let me know he is not done. He is determined to turn me into a wino! I would like to thank Champion Risk & Insurance Services, Vanliner Insurance Company, Paul Hanson Partners Specialty Insurance, and CDS Moving Equipment for sponsoring the dinners and our wine tour. We greatly appreciate it, and we all had a wonderful weekend.

Hurricane Harvey just ripped through Houston and its surrounding areas this past week. The devastation is catastrophic. Many people lost their homes, businesses, and some lost their lives. As I watched the news as this unfolded in front of me, I thought back about the other major catastrophes I have witnessed in my lifetime and some that I have been a part of. Our country always comes together with huge support to help one another. The amount of financial support that has already been pledged and the rescue workers working around the clock to save lives putting their own lives in jeopardy at times is what makes me PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN! If you have an opportunity to help these victims, please reach out even if it’s just a small donation.
In a little over a month, I will begin my travels to visit all of our chapters. It looks like the North Bay, Northern Region, and Sacramento are first on my list. I am looking forward to traveling with President Steve Weitekamp and meeting with you all.


Now go take on the day and I will see you next month.

September 2017 - CMSA Communicator

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