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The President's Column

By Steve Weitekamp
December 2016


What is the value of an association? More to the point, what is the value of the California Moving and Storage Association (CMSA)? There are many answers and individual members would weigh each answer differently. Today, I'm thinking of one that, at first pass, many might not place at the top of their list of benefits: fellowship. A common definition of fellowship is "friendly association, especially with people who share one's interests." Sometimes there is nothing better than just sharing some time with someone who has been where you are, the kind of interaction that still can't be fully captured by social media.

In the last week, two events bring the value of fellowship front and center in my thoughts. The first was the call to a family member of a retired member and long-time friend who recently passed. I shared some of the times that we had spent together in the moving and storage industry and the value of the comradery only made possible by our engagement in the CMSA. But for our working together for the betterment of our industry, we would have just been competitors with the perspective that the other stood in the way of our own professional goals. The reality of our friendship, made possible by CMSA, was that we were both better, personally and professionally, from a relationship fostered by the Association fellowship. The second event was the Northern Region Chapter Crab Feed, an annual fundraising event in the San Francisco Bay area. The dinner exemplifies fellowship as movers and associate members from the area and beyond gathered for a fun-filled evening and some delicious crab. It was a terrific event with members young and old, from companies having operated for several generations to those just starting out, enjoying the opportunity to get together to celebrate some holiday cheer and hopefully forge some new friendships.

To attain the benefit of fellowship, you only have to attend a CMSA meeting or event. Reach out to others and you will start to reap its rewards.

On behalf of the CMSA team (Renee, Gale and Brianna), my family and I, we wish you a joyous holiday season and health and happiness in the new year!

December 2016 - CMSA Communicator

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