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The Chairman's Corner

By Robert Fraser
October 2016

I hope that everyone had a great and profitable peak summer season. After speaking with many of you throughout the state, it's been pretty apparent that business this year has been as good, if not better than, what we experienced last year. I'm sure that most of you have had some of the same challenges that our company experienced this year, e.g., keeping up with demand; staying compliant in all aspects of our industry, (regulatory and environmentally); finding, hiring and keeping good employees; and, most of all, making sure that we satisfy our customers' needs and expectations.

Obviously, if you're reading this, you already know that a great resource of support and information to help us all get through these challenges is our very own California Moving & Storage Association. I've been a member for more than 25 years now and I can't begin to tell you how much of an impact my membership has had on our business. Not only is there a wealth of information readily available on the CMSA website and through The Communicator, but the networking and friendships with fellow members over the years have been priceless. I would highly encourage you to stay involved as our season winds down for fall and the upcoming holidays by attending your local chapter meetings. There's always something new to learn and involvement will ensure that you will be better prepared when next year's peak summer season arrives.

One of my responsibilities (I should say privileges) as your Chairman of the Board is to visit each of our chapters throughout the state. In early September, I embarked on the first leg of my tour of California with our illustrious leader CMSA President Steve Weitekamp. We started in the Modesto area and visited three mover members: Casey Moving Systems, McGrath Moving & Storage and Grace Moving Company. Mike McGrath did a fantastic job leading the Mid Valley Chapter meeting at Skewer's Kabob House. With the McGraths and the Caseys active in the Mid Valley, I'm calling this one my Irish Heritage Chapter meeting.

The next day, we drove across the valley and over the hills to the Monterey area. We visited five operations that day: Cardinale Moving & Storage, Wermuth & Cahoon Moving & Storage, Scarr Moving & Storage, Miller Moving & Storage and Poulos Moving Systems. Pete Poulos also did a fantastic job leading the Monterey Bay Chapter meeting at Growers Pub Steak House. The meeting was very well-attended and with the Cardinales and Freeses (amongst others). I'm calling this one my Italian Heritage Chapter meeting.

Thanks to all of the above for inviting me to your businesses and giving me grand tours. From the operations that have massive record storage to the ones that provide services to the military and to the ones that focus on their local CODs, all were very impressive! It's apparent that we all take great pride in our industry. Although we come from different California socio-economic subcultures, we all provide different aspects of moving and storage services. There are so many elements that are the same, yet so many more that are unique. I'm just getting started and can't wait to visit with the rest of you!

We at Redwood Moving & Storage are in full swing with our crews donning on pink t-shirts in recognition of the National Breast Cancer Foundation and the breast cancer awareness month of October. I'd like to thank Mark Hildreth of New Haven Moving Equipment Corp. for providing our crews with pink box dollies. They look great and our customers' reception of them has been phenomenal. If you would like to make a contribution to my Chairman's Choice Charity, please visit our website at redwoodmoving.com and follow the Redwood Pink link.

"That's just my signature move"
- P!NK

October 2016 - CMSA Communicator

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