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The President's Column

by Steve Weitekamp

December 2015

In November, CMSA conducted Independent Contractor/Workforce Seminars in both Northern and Southern California. Thanks to the efforts of CMSA Counsel Mark Hegarty, we created an updated IC workbook, a copy of which was presented to each seminar participant. Hegarty’s presentation allowed for member dialog on the material reviewed, and there were many questions posed by those in attendance on important topics, including independent contractors, employees and staffing options. There was a detailed discussion that included a review of AB 1897 and AB 1509 (our recent legislative efforts in support of permitted carriers).There was even a discussion of the recent Uber driver class-action lawsuit, with Uber drivers claiming they are misclassified employees and not independent contractors.

Military affairs issues were also a focus in our November agenda. At the recent SDDC Personal Property Forum, the concept of a pilot Channeling Volume Move program was presented. The pilot is the aggregation of shipments for two high-volume traffic lanes: Washington, D.C. to/from San Antonio, Texas, and Norfolk, Virginia to/from San Diego, California. It was suggested that carriers and other interested parties file comments in the Federal Register. Below are our filed comments about the pilot program:

“In communications with impacted members of the California Moving and Storage Association’s (CMSA) military affairs committee who regularly provide the crews to pack, load and haul Military business CMSA has heard concerns about the pilot program. Many are already concerned with the compensation level they receive and are further deflated about a pricing model which will provide lower levels of compensation for the same work. Will this negatively impact those providing the service, during a time when capacity is already a challenge?

“Members have expressed concern that this pilot program could either cut the service provider (frequently a small business) out of the program or force them to accept pricing, lower than the current rate on file, established without consideration of their costs or get no work. Members have asked, how will small businesses be able to participate in a program with high daily minimums of service and what impact can we expect this to have on service to areas not in the two pilot channels?”

On behalf of the CMSA staff (Renee and Gale), my family and I, we wish you a holiday season filled with joy, friends, family, health and happiness in the New Year!



December 2015 - CMSA Communicator


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