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The President's Column

by Steve Weitekamp

February 2015

Peak season 2015 is quickly approaching, and based upon recent visits and conversations with members, California movers are preparing for what hopefully will be another busy moving season. This summer will also be the midpoint of the decade. It seems cliché to say the 2010s have been a time of ever increasing change at an ever more rapid pace, yet it doesn’t make it any less correct. Our world is ever more interconnected, and events in areas far outside our sphere of influence can have a dramatic impact on national, regional or even local markets.

Our industry has seen significant change in the last few years. Methods of service change. These changes include electronic engagement and paperwork and the ever-broadening use of containerization are examples of adapting to the wants and expectations of a segment of the marketplace. Regardless of the methods of service, successful operators are in tune with their customers and are willing to adjust to provide the services they desire. Technology and social media result in the expectations of the market changing at an ever increasing pace. Positive and negative impressions can impact the success of an operation, a network or even an industry.

CMSA’s leadership, both on the Board and in the chapters, is working to ensure that our Association remains forward-thinking and a resource for our membership. One of our core values is recognizing the importance of being engaged in discussions and the exchange of ideas with others in our Association. Sharing best practices and the free exchange of ideas is an important part of a strategy to adapt and grow.

Our upcoming Convention is a valuable opportunity to gather with colleagues from around the state and vendors and van lines from around the country.Be a part of your Association’s annual Convention: Register today by calling the CMSA office at (562) 865-2900 or by visiting the 2015 CMSA Convention kiosk at http://www.thecmsa.org/html/convention/2015-97th-paradise-point/default.htm.

February 2015 - CMSA Communicator

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