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The Chairman's Corner

by Jay Casey

February 2015

Just recently, I attended the Ceres Chamber awards ceremony at my local community center.  The room was full of active businesses, involved citizens and community service clubs.  Everyone, all 450 or so attendees, had one thing in common: commitment.  These people and businesses where nominated because of the great things they do to make the community a better place.

When you get that many people in the same room for the same reason, you hear some strong, inspirational messages.  Every acceptance speech acknowledged the other nominees as winners.  They all had similar messages, dedication to community service and loving their family and God. All of it was due to the fact that no matter what, it was the right thing to do.

I think we can all be inspired by the people in our lives.  Whether they are good friends, family or just acquaintances, if we just slow down and listen, there are life lessons to be learned.   Personally, this year of my chairmanship, my life has changed for the better.   I have traveled the state and learned what other movers are doing.  I have seen firsthand the commitment and drive of our CMSA members. I am proud of your accomplishments and look forward to seeing the future where we all take commitment to the next level.

February 2015 - CMSA Communicator

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