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CMSA Fall Board Meetings Held in Olympic Valley

Last month, the CMSA Board of Directors convened at their annual Fall Board meetings to discuss important issues in the industry. The meetings were held at the Resort at Squaw Creek in Olympic Valley, California, which will be the site of the 2016 CMSA Convention. Board members enjoyed the hotel amenities at the Resort at Squaw Creek and encourage members in the Association to visit for the 2016 CMSA Convention.

During the meetings, CMSA Chairman Jay Casey of Casey Moving Systems led the discussions in reviewing the Association’s old and new business agenda items. The first item up for discussion was the CMSA Vocational Scholarship award. It was approved unanimously by the body to increase the maximum amount of the award from $1,000 to $2,000, starting with the upcoming 2015 CMSA Vocational Scholarship. Both the college and vocational scholarship applications are available in this issue and will be available on the CMSA website at www.thecmsa.org/html/community/scholarships.htm.

CMSA leadership has always focused on membership retention and recruitment to improve the Association’s voice in the intrastate industry. An updated CMSA membership recruitment postcard was presented during the meeting as a way to recruit new moving companies and encourage current CMSA companies to actively participate in the CMSA.

CMSA Legal Counsel Mark Hegarty of Hegarty Law Offices spoke to the Board about the possible impacts of AB 1897 law concerning independent contractors and online household goods auctions. Specifically to AB 1897, Hegarty strongly encourages members who use independent contractors for their business needs to carefully and completely review the new law before it is implemented in 2015. CMSA President Steve Weitekamp adds that members should strongly encourage independent contractors they hire for business functions to register with the Employment Development Department (EDD). Hegarty also discussed the risks involved with using online auction houses for lien sales. Hegarty emphasizes that current law mandates that household goods auctions are to be held at physical addresses. There are no current legal case studies that exist to indicate how the court will rule on online-only household goods auctions when brought up in a civil case.

To commemorate his past year as Chairman, Senior CMSA Chairman PJ Welch of Cardinal Van & Storage Co. was presented with the 2013–2014 CMSA Board of Directors photo taken at the 2014 CMSA Convention in Monterey.

At the close of the weekend meetings, CMSA Chairman Casey presented Board members with Irish green shirts in gratitude for their work and dedication to the Association.     

CMSA Fall Board Meetings Held in Olympic Valley

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