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The Chairman's Corner

by Jay Casey

October 2014

Well, we’ve done it; the summer is behind us. But in talking with our members up and down the state, business remains strong.  I had an opportunity to visit three chapters in September as well as 12 or so member locations.  I can tell you, California movers have a lot in common, and it has nothing do to with the size of a warehouse or how many trucks are on the road.  The pride and professionalism I saw at each location was great; no wonder CMSA is the top state moving association in the nation.  Our members know what it takes to stay on top and they prove that every day. This fact became evident during my visit to the Twin Counties, San Diego and O.C./Beach Cities Chapters.

I was able to take some time and visit with some members in the Twin Counties Chapter.  I was impressed to learn that some members have two-hour drives one-way to get to the meeting; we have a lot of dedicated members here.  Mark Layton, the chapter president, did a great job conducting the meeting and getting the group fired up for their upcoming golf and bocce tournament fundraiser.

After leaving the Twin Counties Chapter, our next stop was San Diego. It was a great turnout with a lot going on in San Diego. This is another energetic group of folks, with RaeDeane VanMeter at the helm.  Thank you to the San Diego Chapter for the warm welcome.

Our last stop was the O.C./Beach Cities Chapter. Chapter President Tom Smith was on the ball.  It was good to see some old friends at this meeting, such as Larry Stanley of Merit Moving Systems Inc. and Joe Hammer Sr. of California Relocation Services Inc. I look forward to winning their golf tournament on October 20.

I would like to thank all members who attended these meetings, with special recognition to Casey Myers of Paul Hanson Partners and Jeff Nadeau of DEWITT Companies for attending all three meetings.  Casey and Jeff, thank you for your support and friendship. To our CMSA President, Mr. Steve Weitekamp, special thanks for shepherding me around the state, scheduling visits and getting me home safe and sound.


October 2014 - CMSA Communicator

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