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The President's Column

by Steve Weitekamp

July 2014

June was a busy month for our industry and our Association. Our cover article and Chairman’s column review significant legislative (State Senator Joel Anderson) and regulatory (CPUC Licensing and Commission) meetings that transpired last month. CMSA strengthens and broadens its positive impact on a challenging landscape thanks to the knowledge and generous participation of an active volunteer leadership. Our leadership is made up of current, former and even future chapter and board members and officers willing to give their time and talents to make a difference. 
CMSA continues to get calls from members and movers from around the country with questions and issues related to the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and the difficult On-Road Diesel Engine regulations. At the 11th hour (June 27), CARB sent a letter to those currently registered in the Truck and Bus Good Faith Effort program that was scheduled to sunset on July 1, 2014. The letter provided guidance on how to proceed in regards to compliance. For those who continue to be eligible, a temporary extension will continue until October 1, 2014. CARB expects this extension to give the state agency time to finalize the amended language related to the economic hardship extension that was approved by CARB at its April 25, 2014, meeting.
Another area of significant activity is the impact of military business and the DP3 program on member companies. The program continues to be challenging for many agents who have long served the military. The Association has reached out to remind SDDC that TSP blackouts does not indicate that local agents do not have capacity to provide viable solutions to the movement of military members.

Participating in the annual meeting of the National Council of Moving Associations (NCMA) is a long-standing tradition and a valuable opportunity to review industry and association issues with colleagues from around the country. The meeting included a conference call with the National Conference of State Transportation Regulatory Specialists (think an Association for CPUC personnel and their peers around the country). Their conference was at the same time as our meeting and the call between regulators and association leaders was a great opportunity to share our concerns related to enforcement activities related to illegal operators. We also see this as a time to continue our dialogue regarding what has worked in different parts of the country.  In addition to the participation of state moving associations, we were joined by the presidents and key staffers from both IAM and AMSA, the president of the Canadian Association of Movers (CAM) and several industry associate contributors. At the conclusion of the meeting, I was honored to be re-elected as a NCMA director, one of three association officers.


July 2014 - CMSA Communicator

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