E-Communicator Article

The Chairman's Corner

by Jay Casey

June 2014

It was great seeing everyone at the Convention this year. Our 96th annual Convention was a huge success!   I am going to take this opportunity to thank our wonderful CMSA staff for putting everything together.   I would also like to extend a special thanks to PJ Welch for his involvement and leadership over the years — his direction and vision has benefited us all.

As the 2014–2015 Chairman of the Board, it is my privilege to serve the CMSA.  Along with our outstanding Board members and staff, our Association represents a network of dedicated individuals working together to improve our industry.  I am excited to be a part of this team.  I hope to continue, as my predecessors have, by keeping the momentum going and sharing positive ideas.

From the Association’s perspective, 2013 was a great year that saw many changes not only at the chapter level but statewide.  As we continue through 2014, the CMSA remains well–positioned to provide information and representation to our members — large or small. I would like to point out that committee meetings are open to all CMSA member, and I encourage everyone to attend any and/or all of these meetings. We are always open to positive feedback and input.   Remember, this is your Association. We are a sleeping giant and the more participation we have, the more impact we have on our communities. Our voice will be much louder when we are on the steps of the state capitol or talking with our friends at the CPUC in San Francisco.

Our theme this year was "The New Digital Frontier.” Look around. Change is happening and we need to stay in the front of the line.  I believe that we need to embrace technology.  We need to take advantage of innovation and look at evolving technology as a friend, not an enemy.  We need to look at alternative services because diversification is not a maybe — it is a must.

I am honored to be your Chairman. This position is something that I will take very seriously. I look forward to working with our talented and energetic board of directors and staff in the year ahead. I am sure that together, we will continue to offer a fresh perspective and new ideas to help maintain our active Association.


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