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The Chairman's Corner

by P.J. Welch

April 2014

 What makes the time pass by so quickly? Getting older? Becoming a father? Being the Chairman of the CMSA? Having had the opportunity to travel the state, visiting with associate and mover members has made for and incredibly busy winter season. Twelve months ago, I wondered what my contribution to the CMSA would be. What would I write about and what would I say that could create change in our industry? The reality is that being the Chairman of the CMSA has been a role where I have taken much more than I could ever give. I have learned more about the the moving industry in the past twelve months than I have in the past twenty years.

Beginning as Secretary/Treasurer, I have had the pleasure of working with past Chairman Dennis Doody and Rick Hosea as the CMSA has created change for the moving industry including the passing of AB 2118 which most recently has given movers the ability to legally send documents to customers electronically and the improvements made with the Department of General Services. I have watched as CMSA President Steve Weitekamp has developed working relationships with both the CPUC and SDDC ensuring that the interests of moving companies are heard and making the CMSA the leading voice for agents.

While I have had the privilege  of helping to create change in the moving industry, the greatest benefit of being Chairman has been the opportunity to travel the state and visit every   chapter of the CMSA. I would like to thank everyone who opened their doors and welcomed me into their offices and warehouses. The California economy is improving and I was happy to listen to movers discuss how tough it had been to find qualified personal in the middle of December. A busy winter season always seems to lead to an even busier summer season and after my chapter visits, I am confident that this summer will offer tremendous opportunities and I am certain that our industry is prepared to offer the necessary service. 

There are many thanks that need to made as I step down from my position as Chairman of the CMSA. I would like to thank all chapter presidents for organizing great meeting and the fundraising events that support the scholarship and Special Olympic programs. I would like to thank everyone who has served on my Board for offering their opinions and advice, representing mover and associate members throughout the state, ensuring the CMSA remains strong. I would like to thank the CMSA staff for their support and for keeping the CMSA running smoothly and efficiently. Most importantly, I would thank every member of the CMSA who has supported the association by attending a chapter meeting or has participated in a fundraising event. I look forward to meeting with you again at this year’s 96th Annual Convention in Monterey.

April 2014 - CMSA Communicator


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