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The President's Column

by Steve Weitekamp

March 2014

Uncivil Discourse, in politics and political discussion, has become ever more prevalent and in the opinion of many, the result is greater intransience and less productivity. With CMSA as an Association that represents a diverse membership with a common goal to improving the business landscape for permitted carriers and the customers they serve, it is essential to communicate effectively with representatives of varying viewpoints. CMSA, on behalf of its membership, regularly engages in lobbying related to legislative issues and regulatory agencies. An understanding and empathy of the other side of an issue can go a long ways toward the discovery of a common ground and the creation of an environment where all parties are able to better understand the issues that are important to others.
February saw AMSA bring its annual convention to San Diego and CMSA was an active participant in the event. In addition to the ever present questions, comments and discussion on CARB On-Road Diesel Engine regulations, I participated, along with other CMSA members, in many of the events and took part in several meetings and presentations including:

  • A meeting with a GSA representative to review DOD audits of mover shuttle service previously approved by the military. Thanks to Chuck White of International Association of Movers (IAM) and Jeanette Homan of CMSA member company Cannon Moving & Storage for including CMSA in this discussion.


  • A special meeting with SDDC Captain Aaron Stanley, USN, and SDDC civilian staffer Jill Smith as well as Chuck White of IAM to share information on CARB’s On-Road Diesel Engine regulations.  It is important that the SDDC understand the impact of the regulation on the service providers who move military member shipments into and out of California. At least 20 percent of all military business passes through California and the impact of CARB on service provider capacity and costs will be significant.
  • A convention presentation, Competing in the Local Market by Cutting Through the Red Tape, with several colleagues including CMSA member Bill Lovejoy, president of Republic Moving & Storage. The presentation and discussion focused on strategies and best practices for engaging local and state agencies that impact the moving and storage industry.

Later in the month, we had the opportunity, along with CMSA Chairman PJ Welch and CMSA Legislative Advocate Chuck Cole, to spend a day with California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) staff at their San Francisco office along with a group field trip to longtime CMSA member Macy Movers Inc.
The morning started with a meeting with the new CPUC Interim Director of Safety and Enforcement Denise Tyrrell. We presented her with a list of illegal operators that we have reported to CPUC staff and discussed the importance of the development of a system to address accountability and success in regards to reported violators. As someone new to her post, our meeting provided an opportunity to share a broad array of concerns and issues. In addition to the critical issue of enforcement related to illegal operators, we shared our concern about activity related to unauthorized logo use and illegal operators’ websites. Our position, reinforced by CPUC legislative division, is that the CPUC has the authority to take down websites of non-permitted operators illegally offering HHG moving services within California without CPUC authority.

We spent the next two hours with CPUC staff conducting a training session on MAX 4 paperwork and its usage by permitted carriers, a review that was valuable for both the regulator and industry. In the afternoon, we toured a moving company with review of warehouse and field operations that a legitimate carrier would do. This event was a hit with CPUC staff. A special thanks goes to Mark Macy of Macy Movers Inc. for welcoming us along with a dozen CPUC enforcement personnel to tour his facility and equipment in a CMSA training exercise that showed how legitimate movers operate.

Please don’t forget about the CMSA’s annual Convention. If you need more information, call the CMSA office at (562)865-2900. It’s approaching quickly so send in your registration today!


March 2014 - CMSA Communicator

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