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The Chairman's Corner

by P.J. Welch

February 2014

As I set my schedule in preparation for my final round of chapter visits, I cannot help but stop and think how fortunate I am to be the Chairman of the CMSA and to have had the opportunity to travel the state and learn about the industry that I grew up in. Prior to being Chairman, I had only attended two other chapter meetings and participated in very few fundraising events outside of my home chapter. After visiting several chapters, I have had the pleasure of witnessing the interactions between Chapter Presidents, Associate and Mover members that make for entertaining and educational chapter events.

First, I would like to take time to thank every Chapter President for taking on the responsibility to lead a chapter. While being a member of the CMSA requires all of us to give a little time and energy, I feel there are only two positions that cause a bit of stress: Chapter President and Chairman. Finding interesting speakers, great locations and organizing fundraising events takes a huge amount of time and commitment. 

Second, I would like to thank all Associate members who take the time to attend a chapter meeting and chapter fundraising event. Having spent a lifetime in the moving industry, I find myself focusing on the concerns of my customers, my employees and many others without taking the time ask the question, "Who takes care of the mover?" As Chairman, I have heard more than a few movers state that if it were not for the generosity and efforts of an Associate member, they would not be in the position they are in today. While I have always been grateful for a next-day delivery or donation to a chapter fundraiser, I have been humbled by stories of Associate members taking extra steps to ensure that moving companies stay in business. As movers, we are lucky to be provided with great service and to have the support of our Associate members.

Last but not least, Mover members. The success of the CMSA can be traced to an active and involved membership combined with great leadership from CMSA staff. We operate in an industry where the easiest thing we can do is to move a person’s belongings across town or around the world. By attending meetings, movers are able to express their concerns about topics from CARB to illegal movers, which are then presented to the CMSA Board for action. Recent successes regarding electronic transmission of documents and the establishment of a new tariff with the Department of General Services demonstrate why the CMSA has become the top state association in the country.

A quick check of calendar of events on the CMSA website lists many chapter meetings and fundraisers that will take place prior to the annual convention. I encourage all members to attend these meetings and to support the Chapter Presidents and Associate members. I look forward to seeing all of you again in Monterey as we support our industry and take a short break for what I believe will be a very busy summer season. 

February 2014 - CMSA Communicator


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