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The Chairman's Corner

by P.J. Welch

December 2013

One of the greatest benefits, if not the greatest benefit, of being the Chairman of the CMSA is getting out of the office, visiting both Mover and Associate members at their offices and warehouses and attending CMSA chapter meetings. During November, CMSA President Steve Weitekamp and I attended the Mid Valley’s dinner meeting organized by Chapter President Mike McGrath, Monterey Bay’s dinner meeting organized by Chapter President Carl Freese and Central Coast’s dinner meeting organized by Chapter President Megan Andersen. Being a chapter president is a huge responsibility and I would like to thank Megan, Carl and Mike (and every other chapter president who is organizing meetings this year) for finding outstanding locations and organizing great meetings.

As Steve and I travel to the different chapter functions, we were welcomed by many CMSA members who gave us tours of their warehouses and local operations. As the economy begins to improve, most, if not all movers, had seen significant increases in peak season volume and most were looking forward to the winter season to begin working in new markets. On our first stop at Casey Moving Systems, we parked close to a flatbed tow truck loaded with a portable storage container while a 53-foot flat floor trailer was parked on the other side of the street. At Cardinale Moving and Storage, Vince Cardinale explained the ins and outs of the portable storage business while a warehouseman made Christmas tree stands. And at both Miller Moving and Storage and Andersen Van and Storage we discussed all parts of the military moving market, including the shift to containerized domestic shipments, non-temporary storage (and the inspectors sent to our warehouses), and contracts for local moving and small shipments.

I am quickly learning that being the Chairman of the CMSA is a position that I will gain more from than I could ever give. After visiting many movers who had grown their businesses during the recent downturn, I found myself thinking about the many ways that I could improve and expand my local operation. One of our greatest challenges is to develop a company that generates revenue in many different markets. All of the companies that I visited are successful because they have developed business in markets that are new to the moving industry or are not related to the industry in any way. These movers have continued to invest in their companies during the most difficult times. The investments made have added more services for their customers, increased revenue and have added value for the company owners and employees.

As I prepare for my next round of chapter visits, I would like to thank all CMSA members who have attended chapter meetings and those who have invited Steve and me into their facilities. I hope that every member is having a strong winter season and has had a great year. I have been asked many times about the CMSA: Who makes up the membership and what are the goals of the Association? The first thought and simplest answer that I give is that the CMSA is an association of the hardest working people I have ever met, providing the highest level of services to their customers while taking care of their families, their employees and the families of their employees. I am proud to be a member of the CMSA and truly honored to serve as Chairman. I wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season.


December 2013 - CMSA Communicator

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