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The Chairman's Corner

by P.J. Welch

June 2013

Walking into my office the Monday following the 95th Annual CMSA Convention held in Santa Barbara, my first thought was how quickly the previous week had passed and how much information is presented in such a short period of time. I always expect a great Convention, but having worked closely with CMSA staff for the past few years, I have seen firsthand the amount of effort necessary to make the Conventions not only a great time, but a valuable tool to help improve and grow my business. With more than 300 attendees, there is no doubt that this year’s Convention was a huge success. A quick check with operations confirmed that summer had begun and my new role as Chairman has me thinking about whom I met, and how will I use what I have learned to help make this coming season a little easier and a lot more profitable.


Without skipping too much or going into too much detail, I’d like to review a few of the highlights of the Convention. For me, this year’s Convention began with a quick Executive Board meeting followed by the Movers and Shakers Reception, which is simply a gathering of good friends and great movers. (If you would like to be invited to next year’s reception, volunteer to be your chapter’s president.) During Wednesday’s committee meetings, we discussed many issues affecting movers and the customers we serve. The CMSA has become one of the largest and most respected state associations, and many of CMSA’s positions regarding CARB or SDDC’s proposed Open Season are developed at these meetings. I’d like to point out that committee meetings are open to all CMSA members, and I encourage everyone to attend any or all of these meetings. Following the committee meetings, the Board assembled for Chairman Hosea’s last Board meeting and my first Board meeting.


Last year, Rick Hosea challenged CMSA Board members to get involved with their chapters, get current members more involved with the CMSA and attract new members. The hotel sold out early, 88 golfers signed in at the Glen Annie Golf Club and 40 booths were set up for Thursday’s Exhibitors Welcome Reception proving that the Board had stepped up to our Chairman’s challenge. Large crowds assembled for each general business session, and were given updates from AMSA’s Linda Darr and IAM’s Terry Head. Sean Edgar kept members current with CARB, and movers and transportation service providers met in small groups to discuss current issues involving military moves at the Military Breakout Session. After hearing from many scholarship recipients at the Paradise Awards Luncheon, Mover and Associate members proved that they had also stepped up to Rick’s challenge by donating more than $78,000 to the CMSA Scholarship Fund.


Standing at the podium and speaking at the Saturday’s reception, I began to realize what an honor it is to be the Chairman of the CMSA. I’d like to thank Rick Hosea for all of the work that he has done leading the CMSA. I would also like to thank Crown Worldwide Moving & Storage for supporting Rick as the CMSA Chairman. I’d also like to thank CMSA staff for putting together another great Convention. I believe that the CMSA is not just a resource for Mover and Associate members. The CMSA is a valuable tool that can help make us better movers and improve the bottom line. I challenge all members to take advantage of everything that the CMSA has to offer, and I look forward to the responsibilities of being the Chairman of the CMSA.

June 2013 - CMSA Communicator

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