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The Chairman's Corner

by Rick Hosea

March 2013

Time continues to roll forward; March brings increasingly more sunshine and warmer weather for most of us here in California.  I completed my chapter visits last month, the time went by so fast.  I concluded my chapter visits in Sacramento, delivering my last speech to a large group of members. Just like other chapters, I found the business temperature to be quite high.  Now is the time to take back our beloved industry from those unpermitted carriers with a message of unity amongst our members.  The time is right to grow and enjoy the work we do every day to meet our customers’ relocation needs.

I’d like to share a recent experience with you all about the power of resilience.  Steve and I attended the North Bay Chapter meeting in Novato, Calif.  This is a unique group, and let me explain why.   As Steve and I approached our exit to the meeting site, we were both surprised to see what could only be described as a huge bright light on the horizon. I looked at Steve and said, “Did you see that?” My first thought was we just saw a UFO streak across the sky before our eyes.  As it turned out, it was a PG&E transformer which had exploded, causing an intense burst of light.  As we exited the freeway, we both noticed that the town was completely dark.  Well, the first thing we both thought about was the restaurant, and true to form, it was completely dark as well. I thought, “This is going to be interesting.” How was it possible this meeting wouldn't be canceled?  Well, the staff of the WildFox Restaurant jumped into action and lit the place up with small accent candles everywhere, and we went on with the meeting.  Steve gave his speech in the dark, but true to form, he shed much light on our industry that evening.  I salute Peter Rodriquez (North Bay Chapter President) and his chapter for their ability to make the needed adjustments in what could have otherwise been a disappointing evening for many.

Both Steve and I have logged many miles on the road and in the air, meeting with folks up and down our state.  We have traveled to a few other conventions to represent CMSA on the national scene, bringing new and important information back to our members.  I am so pleased with Steve's leadership of CMSA, and I am grateful for the time he spends working to improve our industry position both in California and  throughout our nation.  As I write this month’s column, I am on a flight to Atlanta where I will meet up with Steve at the 2013 AMSA Conference.  Together, we will both work to gather information on current events affecting our industry. We both hope to influence industry leaders in ways that will have a lasting impact on our state’s movers.

I would like to recognize each of our 12 chapters and the Chapter Presidents for their hospitality over the past several months; I truly enjoyed breaking bread with all our chapter members.  I thought that each meeting was well done and held at a variety of nice restaurants with wonderful food.  As I try to bring my own spin to my Chairmanship, I thought it appropriate to recognize one chapter for what I would say was the best meal.  While selecting just one wasn't easy, I felt that one chapter’s meal was clearly the best of the bunch.  Please join me at this year’s Convention to see which of the 12 Chapter Presidents will receive the sure-to-be coveted Chairman's Choice Award for the 2012-2013 year’s best meal.  I will be presenting a trophy to the Chapter President during the CMSA Scholarship luncheon on Saturday, May 18, in Santa Barbara, Calif.

March 2013 - CMSA Communicator

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